Balance in life is the key life, next to love it is the most important thing. We have multiple layers in life, and we are constantly dealing with the fast-paced forces of the world. Health, relationship, kids, family, friends, work, the list goes on.

How much energy are using, where are you using it? Often, we can give too much energy or get pulled to hard in one direction, throwing off the alignment in our lives, leading to stress, burn out, and exhaustion.

Barre Fit is your hour to tune into yourself. It isn’t just about the physical aspects of losing weight and getting fit, but more about the mental, emotional, and spiritual balance you develop when you make time for yourself and commit to a practice of tuning into your alignment.
To live a life of alignment, when everything you think, how you feel, what you say and what you do are all in harmony with your true desires. The heart, mind, and body are in balance and there is a sense of ease and flow in how you live your life.

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