Free your mind of your to do list, labels, and negative thought patterns. When you live your life in compulsive cycles your energy gets wasted.

The quality of being coherent, having clear thoughts throughout your day is so important. Mental clarity helps you focus your energy on things that are truly important to you. Mental chatter, brain fog, poor memory, can make it difficult to be our most productive selves.
Our energy gets pulled in so many different directions. Dance brings you into the present moment. Synchronizing choreographed movement to music connects the brain to the body and engages your focus and slows down your brain activity. You can’t be thinking about the thousand things you have to do when you are dancing, you’ll miss the step.
Barre Fit tunes you into what your body is doing right now. This daily practice brings clarity and space to your thoughts.
The answers and ideas you seek never come when the mind is busy, they come when your mind is still.

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