Be in the dance...
Do I get rewards?
Yes! You deserve to!
Take 4 classes in a week, earn 10 points.
Write a review earn 2 points, share it on Facebook earn 4 points.
Refer a friend that takes 1 class, earn 2 points.
Refer a friend that purchases a 5 series, earn 5 points.
Refer a friend that purchases a 10 series, earn 10 points.
Refer a friend that purchases a 20 series, earn 20 points.
Reach 100 points, receive 5 complimentary classes.
When does registration close?
You can book up to 1 min before class begins.
Will I be charged if I miss a class?

Log onto your account and cancel 30 minutes before class starts, you keep the credit for future use. Cancel your reservation within 30 minutes to the start of class, it's a late cancel and you lose the credit.
Do you have post work out tips?
Clear the energy of your workout space. Open windows, sage, light a candle or palo santo stick, or spray a refreshing essence.

You will sweat! Drink 2 liters of water throughout the day to hydrate, cleanse and flush out toxins. Stay connected to how you hold and move your body, bring that awareness to your daily life.

This is my first class, do I need to have dance experience, or need to be in shape?
No and No! If you've ever danced alone in front of a mirror, you can do this. No dance experience necessary. It is a fitness class for all levels.
What to wear? What tools do I need and how do I set up my space?
  • Whatever you feel most comfortable in. Fitted exercise clothes, a tank or sports bra, breathable leggings or shorts. You can go barefoot, wear toe socks, or tennis shoes.
  • Download the free Zoom app on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • BARRE WORK- You can use a chair, stool, counter, or wall. Give yourself enough space to do a grand battement (a high kick). SET UP - You can place two chairs on either side of you, so you can always see your device. Or if you are facing your device, place your chair, stool, or counter behind you.
  • UPPERBODY- if you have 2, 1 lbs. free weights amazing, otherwise you can use canned goods, water bottles, or shampoo bottles. Fill them up with water, rocks, pebbles or sand to add more weight.
  • FLOOR -SCULPT- A towel or yoga mat.
  • A bottle of water.

Can I take Barre Fit if I am pregnant?
Yes! This is a low impact class, all the moves can be modified. Women at all stages of pregnancy have taken Barre Fit. Please consult your doctor before participating.
When can I expect to see results?
Practice is the mother of skill, consistency is the mother of change. Like most things in life consistency over time gives you the best results. But you will notice a change in your body and energy after taking 3 classes.
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